Charles W. Saletta, Jr.


Duke University School of Engineering: Currently enrolled as a Senior. Planned triple major in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Psychology. Projected graduation: June, 1997.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: (IMSA) Class of 1993. The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is the nation's only three year residential public high school for students talented in the fields of science and mathematics.

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant: Work with National Science Foundation / Engineering Research Center for Emerging Cardiovascular Technology at the School of Engineering at Duke University (1995). Work includes assisting in the preliminary design of a telemetry device that will be used to monitor the hearts of animal test subjects. Work performed under the supervision of Jeff Mueller.

Internship: Work with Management Information Systems at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. (1994-1995). Sponsored by the Division of Educational Programs. Work in 1995 included C-Shell scripting and porting an ORACLE database from a VAX/VMS network to a UNIX network. Work in 1994 included designing On-Line Documentation for the information systems in the division. Work also included writing .sql files for use with the database. Further work included simplifing the user interface to a database containing personnel information. Work was performed under the supervision of Marcia Wood.

Mentorship: Research at Cook County Hospital under the direction of Dr. Marc Reyes. (1992-1993). Included a study of the relationship between the mean nuclear volume of certain brain tumors to the degree of malignancy of those tumors.

Other Work Experience

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Duke University Department of Computer Science. Work includes staffing the undergraduate computing facilities and assisting students enrolled in computer science classes. Also includes grading assignments for the CPS 100E (Program Design and Analysis II) class (1995-1996). Supervisors: Owen Astrachan and Susan Rodger.

Network Installer:Office of Information Technology at Duke University. S*W*A*T (Students With Access to Technology) Team member. As a team, we placed approximately 1000 Macintosh and IBM (clone) personal computers onto the Duke computing network. Work included hardware and software installation, as well as network configuration. Work performed under the direction of Scott Seaman (1995).

Residential Advisor: for Randolph Residence Hall at Duke University. Work includes dispute mediation, activity programming, general peace keeping, and enforcing University policies (1995-1996).

Duke University Union: The largest activities and programming body on the Duke University Campus. The DUU consists of thirteen programming committees, an executive committee, and a board of Directors.

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor: Summer employment at the John (Bill) Moran Water Park in Lombard, Illinois. (1992-1995). Lifeguard as both American Red Cross and National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard. Inservice/CPR Instructor for park lifeguards (Since 1994). Swim Lessons Instructor (Since 1992).


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