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Last Updated: 07/28/95

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Greetings, sports fans! For those of you who care, it's the summer of '95, and I'm here at Argonne National Laboratory working a summer job for the Advanced Photon Source. Specifically, I work for the Management Information Systems division. This year's main project was rewriting DCL scripts as C-Shell scripts as the project was upgrading from a VAX/VMS system to a UNIX system.

Last summer, I worked here as well, translating documentation to html format and posting it on the web. The documents are horribly out of date, but if you're interested anyway, click on the links below to look.

I'm currently a Junior at Duke University with plans to triple major in Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and Computer Science.

As for fun stuff at college: I'm in the Duke Univerity Marching Band, and yes, that does shorten to DUMB. I'm also the Development Chair for the Duke University Union, which basically means I spend a lot of time talking on the phone begging for money. I do get to meet famous people, like Adam Sandler, Oliver Stone, Neil Simon, and Senator Paul Tsongas.

If you're interested in helping to support the Arts and Entertainment at Duke University, the Union now has an endowment fund. To donate money, send a check payable to the Duke University Union Endowment and send it to the following address:

Chuck Saletta
Development Chair
Duke University Union
101-2B Bryan Center
P.O. Box 90834
Durham, NC 27708-0834
If you are looking for employees, my resume, current as of 02/20/96, is here.

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