Pictures of my brain... !!!

I know I often feel like my brain has dribbled out my ears. However, recent MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) data dispute this assertion. I participated in a research study at the University of Oregon, in order to further the cause of scientific progress... in return, I got a CD of pictures of my brain, which is pretty cool. (It was easy to be in the experiment too; in fact, I dozed off in the scanner a few times...)

I hereby present, for those of you skeptics out there, photographic evidence of the presence of my brain, as well as its relatively normal appearance.

a picture of my brain from the side
Here's a picture of my brain from the side. (I was lying down.) It's a bit hard to see resolution of the corpus callosum, but if you know where to look, there it is. You can also see my cerebellum at the back bottom of my brain, and my spinal cord, and my sinuses. I never really realized that the top of my skull is really flat. Isn't that weird?

the top of my brain
Here is a view of my brain looking down from the top. There are a lot of slices going down from the top of my head all the way down to my spinal cord, but I tried to pick out just the most interesting ones here. It's cool to virtually travel through your own brain.

another coronal slice
Here's another picture of my brain, a bit further down than the above shot. You can see that one of my ventricles is bigger than the other, but this is normal. (Apparently.)

look, my optic chiasm
I like this picture because it makes me look like I have googly-eyes. You can see my ears, too.

As a side-note, looking at pictures of brains is way more fun when it's your own brain.

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