Setup details

I bought a Lacrosse WS-2310 weather station in mid-2003 and at first had the external sensors communicate with the base station wirelessly. I ran into occasional interference problems, so I decided to switch to the wired link. The whole unit now runs off of the AC/DC adaptor, and the data is refreshed at a higher frequency than with the wireless configuration.

My Lacrosse WS-2310 is configured to capture data at 10 minute intervals, using a modified version of log2300, which is part of this open source package written by Kenneth Lavrsen.

Other macros are run after acquiring new data. The whole process is controlled by this code, which runs a series of macros every hour.

ImportData Imports data from text file, updates charts, creates and uploads HTML and WML/WAP pages to the web server. Also imports weather forecast from designated website.
Generate_WMLForecastfile Creates WML file for weather forecast.
wunderground_upload Uploads weather observations to wunderground.
Outdoor Updates separate Excel file tracking daily high/low/precip and exports chart.
Functions Various functions for temperature, dewpoint, relative humidity conversions.

A table of current readings and a text forecast can be found wirelessly at

Sample raw data file

Excel file available upon request (~2MB).

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