Week 4

Varsity Player[s] of the Week

A tough week to choose only one varsity POW so we have three! Tyce Herrman, John Li and Ian Langan. All for the same reason for stepping it up and saying "gimme the ball i'm gonna take care of it for the team" They lead the team not only in skills but in passion and heart. Thanks guys its nice to know you care.

Junior Varsity Player of the Week - Luis Carbajal

In a style typical of his personality, Luis has been quietly taking care of what he needs to and working hard all the time. His dedication and effort has not gone unnoticed by the coaching staff and his teammates alike. He is showing the skill, attitude and potential of a true Titan Volleyball Player.

Week 3

Varsity Player of the Week - Dayo Adesokan

Dayo stepped into the starting line-up this week and stepped up his game too. With some strong communication and smart hitting he wasa able to execute and take care of the ball for the team which will have his teammates working hard too take his starting spot away from him.

Junior Varsity Player of the Week - Colin Phillips

Colin has show tremendous improvement this week. With some strong blocking and powerful hitting Colin has become a very influential player on the court, keep up the good work.

Week 2

Varsity Player of the Week - Jerrell Bonner

Jorrell took on board some advice from the coaches and not only started playing smarter but was killing the ball, left right and center with some amazing power. Jorrell really began to lead by example this week and we hope that this will continue to power the Titans throughout the season.

Junior Varsity Player of the Week - Fransisco Zepeda

A solid player he has started to show his true leadership skills on and off the court. Fransisco can be very influential on the game when he chooses and this week he definitly played a significant role in the success of the JV team.

Week 1

Varsity Player of the Week - Mike Smeltzer

His phenominal passing in both serve recieve and defense has been key to the Titans ability to play well and run our offense. Particularly in defense Mike has been a tremendous leader and teammate.

Junior Varsity Player of the Week - Mike Paik

Mike's attitude and will to win is what make him stand out from the rest of the team this week. He has shown a great fighting spirit and with that he has been leading the team well.